We provide the complete range of diagnostic services for all age-groups of patients, using the latest equipment and techniques with the highest quality of testing process, a strong background of quality control and excellent clinical interpretation skills of our faculty, the Department of Pathology provides a strong foundation for expert care at the hands of our experienced specialists.


There are one fixed x-ray machines from GE. X-ray unit is dedicated for Radiography. All forms of conventional X-ray are taken; long length imagine is also performed with Digital stitching. This is useful for scoliosis as well as evaluation of angulation and limb length in patients with marked osteoarthritis of the knees. All fluoroscopy procedures such as barium meal follow throung, enema, IVP are performed.


Sonography one of the basic and exxential diagnostic modality. We have 1 dedicated Sonography rooms; each is equipped with a EDGE Ultrasound system which are the most technologically advanced Sonography machines available. These HIgh end ultrasound machines have excellent image quality and are equipped with modern applications. The Sonography machines are equipped with a wide range of transducers so all types of Sonography examination can be performed. Portable Sonography is performed at the bedside for inpatients who cannot be transported to the imaging department. These patients also benefit from the high-resolution machines at the bedside.


EDGE Ultrasound system with three transducers. This machine has adult, convex and introcavitatory transducers. It has general radiological as well as carediac applications.


EDGE Ultrasound system Colour Doppler is state of art high quality Colour Doppler machine. It is equipped with four transducers including high frequency linear, convex as well as volume probe (3D).



There are 1 C-ARM machine, which are used in the operation theatre. They are useful for imaging during procedures helping guidance of the procedure under image intensifier control thus reducing complications and procedure time.


Our department is well staffed by physician and technicians, we screen patients at risk for lung disease, evaluate their symptoms and the effect of lung disease on lung function, assess the value of respiratory treatments, and monitor for reactions to drugs that are known to damage the lungs. We ensure our patients are as comfortable as possible during the testing process.


A fairly common condition like epilepsy can be detected by EEG department and the type of Epilepsy classified to choose the correct drugs by Video EEG department. The department of EEG is also useful in excluding other disorders like syncope as well as other causes of alteration of consciousness like metabolic encephalopathies. The department of EEG is a useful tool in our armamentarium in traumatic brain damage for the extent of damage due to head injury and chances of recovery.


The department was initially engaged in doing therapeutic and diagnostic procedures including upper and lower GI Scopies. Gradually over the last decade, therapeutic endoscoy.

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